Maintenance Pack 6 pour Solid Edge 2019

Solid Edge 2019

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[members_logged_in] Ce nouveau Maintenance Pack 6 pour Solid Edge 2019 est disponible sur Dropbox. Le MP pour le composant Fast Search sur les serveurs de données est disponible ici.

L’ensemble des téléchargements du maintenance pack 6 pour Solid Edge 2019 est disponible sur cette page.

Nous vous conseillons fortement d’installer Solid Edge dans un dossier autre que « Program Files » ou « Programmes », accessible en écriture aux utilisateurs. Par exemple dans « C:\SolidEdge\ ». Nous vous conseillons également d’arrêter le temps de l’installation (et si possible de façon permanente) le contrôle des comptes utilisateurs de Windows (UAC).

Si vous changez de version, pensez avant tout à préparer votre nouvelle licence en suivant les guides des licencesou en nous appelant.

Ce maintenance pack inclut les corrections des précédents maintenance pack et corrige les éléments suivants (anglais) :


PR 9261665: Engineering reference, Gear design update problem
PR 9280124: Lower graphic card performance on « Tools » ribbon
PR 9311226: Poor performance when checking out a floating license with options


PR 9398903: Parts being placed in the wrong position during reorder


PR 9350209: Solid Edge is crashing while running route by part command
PR 9363289: Failed to extend/trim the highlighted frame component(s) using the selected tool
PR 9391936 : Flickering when zooming in sketch edit in place in assembly
PR 9376223 : Assembly File repair SE2019 MP4 request – SE is crashing after save attempt
PR 9402256: “SE Graphics Test 1″ performance test is not running thru completion
PR 9405618: frames get messed up after updating


PR 9327095: Dimensions on a sketch disappear when you select a design object, and RMB show only
PR 8393282: added hole gets new hole number although size already exists
PR 8952766: User wants to skip ‘define hole table origin’ step during placement of new hole table
PR 9382515: Drawing View Wizard Option Crashes session

Part/Sheet Metal

PR 9173544: Problem with optimized geometry after optimize
PR 9291277: Save as flat DXF options unchecked  » Complex Hole » gives wrong result
PR 9357495: Part file crashes while saving in sketch environment
PR 8389690: Region created from sketch with gap
PR 9352716: Move command, as part was moving to a distance double of the dragged distance
PR 9389334: Old generated closed corners cause failure in SE2019
PR 9325163: Abort when trying to move faces in Sync.env
PR 9397714: Construction body fails after linking the material in a design body part copy
PR 9403379: Solid Edge closes after editing pattern in assembly


PR 8551634: NX open the JT exported from SE, and the location of PMI dimension is wrong
PR 9304109: Unable to open SolidWorks file
PR 9343819: Not possible to open step file correctly parts missing
PR 9354990: Unable to save as DWG

Data Management

PR 9351345: Document controllers ignored, only first one can set data obsolete

Teamcenter Integration for Solid Edge

PR 9227116: LOV value will disappear when saving a new file
PR 9339858: Dynamic LOVs not working
PR 9343658: Teamcenter 12.1 Standard part ignores naming rule
PR 9342992: Assembly JT creation was very slow when wire harness is present
PR 9371297: Error on first Save to Teamcenter of drawing or assembly from active SE 2019 Part
Tim – PR 9375450: User must run the Replace Part command twice to successfully replace the part
PR 9383281: Solid edge is crashing randomly
PR 9387708: AddToTeamcenter does not start import of the file if manifest file exists in the directory
PR 9240326: BOM line error with adjustable assembly
PR 9394831: Project removed when revise via Structure-Editor


PR 9304665: Line Break in Illustration description not correct in HTML
PR 9330815: The « Isolate and Zoom » button cannot be activated in the PDF file
PR 9331438: 3D models are sometimes displayed incorrectly in the PDF file
PR 9355213: 3DPub and Illustrations: garbage square after FOA file name in model panel


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